How to Backup Apps with Data without Root Using Helium Android App

If you wish to take Backup of your Android App with Data (i.e your app .apk file + your app settings, cache and game progress). Then Helium is a very good tool for this and the best thing about this app is it does not require rooting access like in case of Titanium Backup and other backup apps.

Features Of Helium

  • Backup Apps with Data.
  • Backup and Restore To SD Card or Cloud Storage.
  • Backup and Restore To PC.
  • No Root Required.
  • Schedule Backup

Compatibility Of Helium

  • Not compatible With Motorola Devices.
  • Some Sony Devices Like Xperia S and Xperia Z.

How to Backup Apps with Data without Root Using Helium Android App

Step 1: First Download and Install the Helium Android app.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

Step 3: Install Android Drivers On PC

Step 4: Download and Install Helium Desktop Software

Step 5: Run Helium on PC.

Step 6: Run the Helium App on Android Device. It will ask you to log in to your Google Account for Online backup. This is an optional step you can skip this to take backup on your device storage. (Internal or external memory).
Note: Online backup requires a Pro version. So only chose for Online backup if you have Pro.

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Step 7: Now you need to Connect your Phone to PC via USB.

Step 8: Now Helium Pc software and App will communicate with each other. When they establish the connection a tick sign will appear on the Desktop Helium app.

Step 9: Now you can disconnect USB.

Step 10: Now to backup apps with data. Open Helium app in Android and select the app you want to take backup. Then click on Backup. Now if you wish to take a backup of your App Data Only. Then Swipe Up and check the App Data Only box.

Step 11: Now when you tap the Backup, it will ask you to chose Storage type. Chose the one.

Step 12: Now it will ask you to enter Password. It’s optional you can ignore it. It will move away and your backup will begin.

Restoring process Using Helium

Step 1: Open Helium App.
Step 2: Now tap on Restore and Sync.
Step 3: Select your Storage type. Like if it is USB Storage then tap on it.
Step 4: Select the apps you want to restore.
Step 5: Now tap the Restore Option to start restoring your apps.
Step 6: If it asks for password ignore it. It will move away after some time.
So with this cool app, you can easily take a full backup of your app and app data. And you do not require to root your phone. If you still have any issue with this, you can ask it in comments.