Samsung B312E Charging Problem Jumper Tested Solution

Samsung B312E Charging Problem Solution Ways Jumper
This is the Samsung Metro B312E Solution for Not charging problem or it shows no charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in. The solution below shows the charging connection line paths which can be used for easy troubleshooting or repair the Samsung SM-B312E charging problem.

For Charger No Response or Indication problem, you may first check the charging pin connector for possible damaged, bended or lifted pin solder pads. The center pin holds the positive voltage of the charger and the side pin which is for the negative or ground lines.

Then check the fuse and the and the diode, replace if found damaged.

Now re-solder charging connector pins and check.

Check accusing voltage of the assistance of multi meter. Place Negative terminal of multi meter on ground and Positive on a charging pin (first stick from your left hand side).

Ensure that the voltage is between 5V to 5.5V, on the off chance that it is not then supplant charging connector. (Charging Connector can be supplanted by warming it from the inverse side of the board, while warming it, pull accusing connector of the assistance of Tweezers).

Presently evacuate metal sheet covering the charging area (It contains Charging IC and Parts).

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Check progression amongst Circuit and Charging Pin (first from your left hand side). In the event that there is no congruity, place jumper.

Heat charging IC, on the off chance that it is defective then supplant it.

Presently check charge at the battery terminals, on the off chance that it is not standard voltage then re-patch or supplant battery terminals.

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