Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Samsung SM-G313H White Display Light Tested Solution

Hang or frozen and white screen can be fix by restoring or flash updating the phones firmware, but sometimes it is cause by a hardware problem issues especially those suffered by wet or water damaged.

Here' how to investigate the Samsung Cosmic system Pro NXT SM-G313H backdrop illumination Drove issue:

For speedy fix, on minor issue like if the telephone status demonstrates no sign of being wet by any fluid, free of oxidation develop or the PCB board is still perfect.

– Check the Flex strip link wire.. supplant if harmed.

– Check/attempt to supplant the LCD screen, the white Drove's on it might as of now been busted.

Simply allude to the arrangement beneath, this may help in taking care of backdrop illumination white Drove issue on Samsung World Expert NXT after you affirmed that the LCD screen is alright or effectively taken a stab at supplanting it.

Display Light Ways


 Display White Or Blank Solution
 100% Tested Solution
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