Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Samsung E1205T Sim Problem Jumper Tested Solution

Samsung E1205T Sim card ways jumper problem solution, how to fix the problem sim card on the Samsung E1205T, the problems on the connector or connector sim card sim card problems, the problems on the path to the sim card connector or connector lines sim card broke, the two issues we will provide instruction or step by step to fix it.

How to fix the sim card ic connector Samsung GT-E1205T
Before you supplant or repair the sim card connector sim card ensure the connector is truly hazardous and without a doubt would it be advisable for you to supplant or repair, please deliberately sim card connector Samsung E1205T, when it is sure stuck in an unfortunate situation, please right in the event that they can in repair, in the event that it can never again be repaired you please supplant new sim card connector, do the substitution sim card connector Samsung E1205T well, you can simply take it off simply utilizing a blower, and for embeddings the sim card must be in done utilizing weld, in light of the fact that on the off chance that you utilize the blower can not, why not? Since under the PCB connector sim card an excess of Capacitor or resistor ic, which in all likelihood will drop out in the event that you are compelled to put the sim card connector by method for a blower under the PCB, while embeddings the sim card by method for tending to the blower from top or side of the sim card connector would be pointless, after finish plug your sim card connector fitting is likewise broken, so the main path is to introduce the sim card connector by means of bind.

How To Make a Jumper
Check the voltage on the line as shown above and make sure everything produce voltage.
If there is one line does not produce voltage then you have to make a jumper as shown above.
If the four lines has produced a voltage then please try to insert sim card and turn on the cell phone.

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