Friday, April 15, 2016

Nokia 107 Lcd Display Light Jumper Tested Solution

Nokia 107 Lcd Display Light Problem Jumper Solution — long time no see you with every one of my companions, ideally in a fine state. alright on this event we need to share data about how to repair the harm to the showcase screen on the Nokia 107. This aide additionally bolster for clear white screen, the screen does not show up, the issue on the screen, and traps on the best way to jumper attachment way screen. see the picture beneath to finish harm to the screen of your Nokia 107.


Gear Required

Fine wires





The most effective method to Make a Jumper in the Attachment Show

Set up a link smooth and change the length that we will interface its tracks

Heat Tin with bind for appending fine wires so it will firmly joined together.

Utilize a voltage analyzer to gauge the jumper links.

Tips and Cautioning

Ensure the jumper links are associated appropriately with the goal that it can convey a decent stream.

Ensure that the jumper links are not associated specifically with the other jumper link.

The main clue of Mobilerdx on the most proficient method to make a path jumper attachment on the Nokia 107. good fortunes

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