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Lenovo A319 Charging Problem Solution Full Tested

Lenovo A319 Charging Ways Issue Jumper Arrangement – USB – Numerous instances of charging issues on telephone, from the charger connector disold consumption presented to water and some more. On this event we will talk about the charging way for Lenovo A319

The initial step checks the physical state of the charger connector, whether in great condition or presented to water consumption, erosion showed when presented to water, take a stab at cleaning it first. On the off chance that with the clean does not resolve the issue. Attempt the second step.

The second step checks charger lines as demonstrated as follows, if there is a way breaking, do jumpers as demonstrated as follows. Do it precisely to maintain a strategic distance from short. Good fortunes

In the event that the battery and divider charger appears to be no issue, have a visual keep an eye on battery connector and charging pin connector (DC jack) for conceivable harmed. At that point continue to PCB board or equipment investigating to proceed.

 How to fix the path Charging Lenovo A319
During the current second step, you need to check the primary way by means of Multi Analyzer, so you can without much of a stretch discover a way breaking or hazardous, there are six lines that you should utilize a multi-analyzer checks, among which path V-Charging Ground and for others the way Usb, please check Through multi-analyzer, the way which in any case produce voltage and which way to dropping out and not put out voltage lines jumpers must do, in the event that you've discovered every one of the ways are not risky and troublesome way, then you simply searching for a way that in any case deliver a voltage drop out and to do jumpers, to encourage you, beneath we give Composition Usb charging Lenovo A319 please open.

Lenovo A319 Charging Arrangement Jumper Issue Ways No Charging Not Bolstered

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