Monday, March 28, 2016

Nokia Asha 501 Volume Key Solution

Nokia Asha 501Volume Key Means Problem Jumper
Nokia 501 Aggregate Key Not Alive Problem Band-aid with Jumpers

Here’s the affiliation band paths for Nokia Asha 501 that may advantageous in troubleshooting a not alive Aggregate ascendancy both UP (+) and DOWN (-) button switches. This shows the affiliation band paths (jumper ways) distinctively back aggravating to fix the button about-face if acutely damaged or the PCB adhesive pads has been already lifted. You may use a multimeter to trace anniversary of the aggregate button keys terminals affiliation beyond to a apparatus area it is actuality connected. This band-aid may additionally assignment with Nokia Asha 501 phones.

To fix this botheration you may aboriginal visually analysis the button about-face accumulation for accessible damaged. Aloof alter it, and anxiously re-solder it after appropriation the PCB lath terminal adhesive pads.

If the said switches accumulation seems accept but it still it does not acknowledge or work. Refer to the band-aid aloft and locate the accent basic on the PCB board.

Damage or accountability aliment acquired by the absolute solutions on this blog is not accountable, we aloof demand a little advice you in convalescent your adaptable phone.

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