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Nokia 112 Display Light Problem Solution

Nokia 112 Light Jumper Lcd Problem Ways

This band-help underneath demonstrates the Nokia 112 LCD artificiality backdrop illumination mechanical assembly that holds and power for the LCD shade insincerity backdrop illumination to gleam. On the off chance that one of these mechanical assembly may get to be tainted because of wet or purify through water harmed it will eventual outcome to LCD's backdrop illumination disappointment.

You may charge to follow the association band tracks, collection voltages and investigation a portion of the backdrop illumination Drove taskmaster mechanical assembly obvious on the band-help above. You may alpha to examination the accent mechanical assembly for it is added decumbent to be placidly harmed back a shorten ambit happened. Investigation and change if as of now start harmed.

Answer for Nokia 112 Not alive LCD insincerity backdrop illumination Drove White Artificiality Issue

Here’s some hints on how to troubleshoot the “Nokia 112 LCD display backlight not working problem”.
” Note: ensure that the Lcd is okay or try replacing it before proceeding”
1. Check the LCD pin connector for possible damaged, resolder if necessary.
2. Trace each of the LED + (positive and LED – (negative connection line paths down to the resistors where it is being connected.
3. Check the connected resistor, replace if found damaged.

Check the pin connector get together and guarantee to clean it too.

Check the showcase channel resistors including the LCD supply voltage and follow the association tracks to the LCD pin connector. Supplant the harmed resistor or psyche to reconnect if there is an open line ways.

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Note: Each repairing arrangement posted here is tried by no less than one colleague. Utilize the data accessible here at Your Own particular Danger. We are not mindful if any damage goes to your gadget amid the repairing procedure.

Nokia 112 LCD Show Light IC Arrangement Jumper Issue Ways LCD Show Light Not Working

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